Memphis Probation Violations

Defending Memphis Probation Violations

You could be facing jail time for both your new charge and your original charge

Memphis Probation Violations

Probation violations can range from technical violations such as missing a curfew, missing a probation appointment, or failing to pay restitution, to receiving a new offense such as a simple possession, domestic assault, or a theft. If the original charge was a felony that you pleaded guilty to on diversion, you could end up as a convicted felon.

A defendant charged with a probation violation can receive a jail sentence for the original probation offense, can have their judicial diversion terminated, and may not be even be able to bond out of jail while the alleged probation violation is pending.

At The Law Office of J. Jeffrey Lee, located in Memphis, I regularly defend defendants charged with probation violations, and I have handled many probation violation hearings.

The first approach with a probation violation is to investigate the Petition to Revoke Violation or the Petition to Terminate Diversion and see what the specific allegations are. Many times, probation officers turn in petitions that are incomplete or contain errors. Next, we’ll prepare a defense against the alleged bases for violation in case the prosecutor’s office will not agree to reinstate probation. In some cases, we can work with the prosecutor to reinstate your probation without the need for a hearing. If we need to have a probation violation hearing, I will help prepare your testimony to dispute the accused violations from the probation officer.

As a certified criminal trial specialist, I am familiar with preparing and delivery a trial strategy from beginning to end – from accusation to acquittal. Click here to schedule a Strategy Session where we can discuss the details of your case and I can provide an Individualized Client Packet based on your specific needs.