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“Ask Anything” Strategy Session

Mr. Lee provides his “Ask Anything” Strategy Session. This is much more than a five-minute “free consultation” that attorneys throw around to lure you into their office. Any attorney can offer a “what are you charged with” back and forth – what I am offering is a hold-the-phones, computer presentation that includes reading the affidavit of complaint, reading the statute, discussing the sentencing guidelines, discussing how this might affect your job and draft a letter to your boss, talking about what will employees see while the case is pending, talking about what actions might affect your bond, explaining where the case is now, where it’s headed, and the various results that may occur. We discuss whether a preliminary hearing is a good idea in your case, what witnesses may be called, what they can be expected to say, whether they would be harmful or hurtful, whether certain kinds of evidence are admissible during the hearing and more!

Strategy SessionHow much will this cost me?

I run my practice a little differently than other attorneys, in that I charge $100 for this strategy session, which I collect before we begin. This money all goes toward the cost of representation if you hire me. That cost is to reassure you that I will prepare for the hearing, discuss any and all questions you have, and provide an Individualized Client Packet that you can carry away with you, regardless of whether you hire me or not.

If you want a quick chat that hits all of the obvious high points that any paralegal with Internet access could rattle off, or outdated information from a dog-eared Nolo book, then look elsewhere. I am only interested in having a full, in-depth “Ask Anything Strategy Session” that provides real value to you in your time of need. I don’t stick an associate on you, I don’t interrupt our strategy session to put out other fires, and I don’t tell you a bunch of things that you already know and package it as solid legal advice. You will be getting the full attention and counsel of a Certified Criminal Trial Specialist and you will not leave with any question unanswered.

Also, I want to spend time with people who are informed and really care about getting the best results on their cases – for that reason, I will apply the cost of the strategy session directly to the representation as a ‘thank you’ for being a serious candidate.

Individualized Client Packet

In addition to the strategy session above, Mr. Lee prepares an Individualized Client Packet containing important information designed specifically for you, with guides regarding your particular offense, criminal procedure, sentencing, and important, relevant cases that may affect your criminal matter.

Does this packet cost extra?

No, this is provided at no additional costIndividualized Client Packet because it is included with every single Strategy Session. Whether you hire me or not, you will walk away with this valuable information.

Why do I go to the extra effort to provide these materials? Because understanding the details of your criminal case will allow you to make more informed decisions as the case progresses and feel more comfortable about the case.

Do other attorneys provide individualized client packets? Not if they run a one-size-fits-all practice.

There is no reason for you to be tossed out of an attorney’s office with nothing more than a payment receipt. Instead, you can go home, open your Individualized Client Packet and review all of the comments that we discussed in our strategy session. The information in the packet may help you to remember questions you had but forgot to ask, it may help you consider new issues that you hadn’t previously thought of, and it may help you explain the information from our workshop to other concerned family members.

If you’re serious about getting real answers that are specifically tailored to your personal needs and your particular criminal matter, then click on the links above!