What qualities should I be looking for when getting a criminal defense attorney? When a person is charged with a criminal defense, the last thing they want to do is rummage through the Yellow Pages trying to find a criminal defense attorney. Even worse, if a defendant cannot bond out, the defendant must put his or her family up to the task. This video will help you identify the factors you should rely on when selecting a Memphis criminal defense attorney.Read More →

Learn the 10 Mistakes that Can Sabotage Your Criminal Case How would you like to receive instant, free legal information without even picking up the phone or making an appointment with an attorney? What if that information was 100% relevant to the charges you’re facing, catered to the criminal courts of Shelby County, and written by an award-winning Certified Criminal Trial Specialist? Best of all, what if that resource was provided at no cost and with no commitment? Learn the 10 mistakes that can sabotage your criminal case now! Download nowRead More →

It’s a fair question – why wouldn’t you want to go with the volume firms that are currently handling thousands of personal injury cases just like yours? The reason is because you’ll be treated like “Case #837” out of 1,000. In the beginning, you’ll be treated like a rock star. Perhaps the firm will even send a fancy ride to pick you up when you call. They’ll be sure to get you to sign a Retainer Agreement so that no other attorney can take your case. Then … silence, as the firm gives priority to cases that they think are worth more money. You mayRead More →

Yes! For a number of reasons: 1. Keeping your Record Clean Through A Diversion If you meet certain requirements (no prior Class A misdemeanors, no prior diversion or expungement of records), you are eligible for a diversion. Diversions come in two forms: 1) Pre-trial diversion, and 2) Judicial diversion. With a pre-trial diversion, you never have to enter a plea in the courtroom. Instead, the prosecutor might allow you to hold off your case for a length of time to determine whether you can keep from getting additional charges. At the conclusion of that time, your original charge may be dismissed at the discretion ofRead More →