What happens if I don’t take a plea bargain? Memphis criminal defense attorney Jeff Lee explains how the plea bargain negotiation process works between the defense attorney and the prosecutor, and how that process differs from sentencing by a judge if a defendant loses at trial. Click here for the Tennessee criminal sentencing chart, which is discussed in the video. Along the top of the chart you will find a defendant’s range and along with the left-hand side, you will see the felony class.Read More →

What is a bench trial? Criminal defendants may not understand what a bench trial is, and how it differs from a jury trial. Memphis criminal defense attorney Jeff Lee explains why defendants will be better served by taking their cases to the jury. He also  discusses various courts and the trial choices available in each.Read More →

What is a preliminary hearing? This video explains the preliminary hearing process – defining a preliminary hearing, what a defendant can accomplish through a preliminary hearing, the prosecution’s burden of “probable cause,” and how a hearing can affect a defendant’s bond in Shelby County criminal courts.Read More →

What is a “Stop and Frisk?” Learn the history of Terry v. Ohio, what a stop and frisk is, the purpose of a stop and frisk, the level of suspicion required for a stop and frisk, and whether a stop and frisk can be suppressed for a search that violates the Fourth Amendment.Read More →

What is an evidentiary hearing? Learn what an evidentiary hearing is, an example of an evidentiary hearing (a motion to suppress), how a successful evidentiary hearing may affect the trial, and the strategy for filing pre-trial evidentiary hearings.Read More →

What is discovery in a case? This video explains what discovery is, when a criminal defendant is entitled to discovery, what sort of items may be found in a discovery packet, and why reciprocal discovery is important. Learn more about how discovery could affect your Memphis criminal trial.    Read More →

What is the difference between General Sessions Court and Criminal Court? Many criminal defendants do not understand the difference between Shelby County General Sessions Court and Criminal Court, which can result in a revoked bond or a felony failure to appear charge. Be sure to watch this video and others on my site to ensure that you appear in the proper court for your Memphis criminal court case.Read More →