Is it enough to have a “good” lawyer — or do you want an Elite Criminal Defense Attorney?

If you are charged with a serious criminal offense, and you want to keep a clean slate, restore your name, and get a good job in the future, then you will need an Elite Criminal Defense Attorney. I am one of only five Certified Criminal Trial Specialists in Memphis and I’ve recently been rated as one of the Three Best Criminal Defense Lawyers in Memphis. Don’t place your future in the hands of the lowest bidder – instead, begin by educating yourself about how to select a criminal defense attorney with superior knowledge, training, experience, professionalism, and heart for the battle. Click on the video above to learn various criteria for separating the good from the great.

You can also read reviews from my former clients,  watch our educational videos and order your free copy of “10 Mistakes that Can Sabotage Your Criminal Case” for more information before making your final decision – learn why “good” isn’t “good enough!”

You deserve an Elite Criminal Defense Attorney

The accusers have had their say about you and you weren’t given a chance to respond; you’ve been called a criminal; you’ve been embarrassed in the tabloids and on social media; the haters are cheering; your friends didn’t support you like they should have; you’re trying to navigate all of these unfamiliar rules and procedures to understand how much trouble you may be in; you don’t know if you’ll still have a job tomorrow … and now you need to hire a lawyer, with no idea where to begin!

Before you read another line, stop right here, straighten your posture, lift your shoulders and breathe! Close your eyes and inhale / exhale five times slowly. Clear your mind of all of those worries, and ask yourself these questions:

  • What qualities matter most to me in selecting an attorney?
  • What kind of personality would I want my attorney to have?
  • How would I want my attorney to make me feel about myself and this situation?
  • What actions could he take that would make this a ‘successful’ experience?

Let the answers to these questions guide your attorney search. Attorneys vary in price, experience, competency, knowledge, and personality. What are you looking for?

I enjoy reading the testimonials of former clients because they give me valuable feedback into the customer service experience I hope to deliver. It pleases me to see comments like, “I felt comfortable with you,” “You helped me get through this,” or “I felt better because you explained everything.” These are the comments of actual clients who were right where you are now, and they consistently say that, even though the experience was pretty terrible, having me there helped them make it through the storm. (Credit also goes to Biscuit, our resident Therapy Animal, who has put a smile on the faces of many worried clients.)

Elite Criminal Defense Attorney J. Jeffrey LeeFriends, that kind of peace of mind is what you deserve. You don’t want to stand around waiting for your attorney to show up, you don’t want to wonder if he is going to be prepared today, you don’t want him to forget all of the things you asked him to say in your defense, and you don’t want to be scolded or judged by the same person you hired to be on your side.

Trust your gut. Ask yourself why no one else is providing all of these free informational guides, books, videos, and other resources. Ask whether they have any jury trial experience or are a Certified Criminal Trial Specialist. Ask why they don’t respect the huge responsibility that you’ve placed in their hands, and have the client satisfaction awards to prove it. Ask why their rates are so ridiculously low that you know they couldn’t do a quality job at that price, unless they are a volume attorney. Is this all a bunch of new age hooey? A marketing ploy? Sure, if you ask the competition, but I challenge you to ask my former clients instead! Let me give you the experience that you deserve – get started immediately and schedule an appointment for my “Ask Anything” Strategy Session and Individualized Client Packet!

Or, perhaps you’re ready to get started immediately in Memphis or Shelby County on your criminal defense case. Please click here for payment in full for General Sessions Court. If you have a Criminal Court case, this will be an initial first payment and we can discuss the rest required if the case goes to a jury trial.