It’s a fair question – why wouldn’t you want to go with the volume firms that are currently handling thousands of personal injury cases just like yours? The reason is because you’ll be treated like “Case #837” out of 1,000. In the beginning, you’ll be treated like a rock star. Perhaps the firm will even send a fancy ride to pick you up when you call. They’ll be sure to get you to sign a Retainer Agreement so that no other attorney can take your case. Then … silence, as the firm gives priority to cases that they think are worth more money. You mayRead More →

Imagine that you finally schedule that meeting to sign the settlement agreement and pick up the settlement check. But wait… did you know that the language in the settlement agreement can have drastic effects on the amount of money that you have to report to the I.R.S.? Don’t settle for vague drafting! Congress intended for Section 104(a)(2) to alleviate the tax burden of taxpayers who suffered a personal injury and received money as a result of tort litigation. Section 104(a)(2) states that notwithstanding deductions allowed under Section 213 for medical and other expenses, “gross income does not include … the amount of any damages (otherRead More →