Where to Park at 201 Poplar

Where to Park at 201 Poplar

If you are visiting either the criminal courts or the jail, but you aren’t familiar with downtown, you may be wondering where to park at 201 Poplar.  Below are my recommendations.

No free parking

First of all, there is no complimentary parking for 201 Poplar .  There is also no validated parking by any of the offices or courts by 201 Poplar.

Some people think they can get around paying for parking by using the lot of a fast food place.  Parking at a fast food lot or another business is not recommended.  The management of these establishments are on the lookout for this behavior and are quick to tow vehicles.

Street parking

Even though street parking is available along 3rd Street/Washington Avenue/Adams Avenue, there is a one hour max for those spaces, and the chances are high that you will spend more than an hour in the building.  For this reason, I do not recommend street parking. Remember that this is only a block from the police station, and they aren’t going to miss it when you overstay your welcome. Also, you don’t want to miss your name in court because you’re running outside every hour.

Parking lots and garages

where to park at 201 Poplar

I recommend parking lots, but not all parking lots are equal.

There are two lots across the street of 201 Poplar that costs $10.  (see ‘A’ on map).  While they are the most convenient and visible for parking, they are also the highest price. This is probably the worst place to park, except that many people do not arrive early enough and don’t have a choice.

There is a large parking garage (see ‘B’ on map) on Washington between 3rd and 4th street. This is a timed parking lot and can range from $1.00 to $6.00 daily. You pay on the way out, so even if you didn’t arrive with cash, you can use the ATM at 201 Poplar or elsewhere to get the money afterward. This garage is very close, but you will spend about ten minutes winding your way through the garage all the way to the top floor, so be sure to provide ten minutes for that.

There are two lots on either side of Adams Ave on 4th Street (see ‘C’ on map) that I recommend.  You can park here all day for $3 – be sure to have the one dollar bills with you when you arrive to insert into the payment box.

Finally, there is a large lot between Jefferson Ave and Court Ave (see ‘D’ on map) that only costs $1.50 – folded money required here as well. The farther away you get from 201 Poplar, the less expensive you get, but these are really not far from the building at all, and may get you into court more quickly than if you keep circling around the building looking for an opening. Remember – court starts at the same time for everyone (9 a.m.), so if someone is already parked in a spot, you aren’t going to see any turnover for at least a few hours.

Hopefully this has helped you determine where to park at 2o1 Poplar. You can also view it on Google Maps here.